Zygomatic dental implants are a great solution for patients who have bone loss or no bone in their upper jaw. Dr. Nathan Eberle MD, DDS, FACS has extensive experience in the placement of zygomatic implants. He routinely teaches other providers these unique and specific techniques to place zygomatic implants.

Zygomatic implants have been documented as an alternative for the rehabilitation of the atrophic posterior maxilla with both the classical two-stage and immediate loading (teeth in a day) protocols. Zygomatic implants avoid grafting and sinus lift procedures and therefore contribute to a shorter and more comfortable treatment. From start to finish treatment time is 5-6 months versus “traditional” grafting techniques that can be well over 12-14 months.

Further indications for zygomatic implants include failed conventional implant placement, failed sinus augmentation or grafting procedures, rehabilitation after tumor and trauma resections.
In the atrophic posterior maxilla, in general, one zygomatic implant is placed on each side of the maxilla, in combination with 2-4 conventional implants in the anterior region.

For the totally resorbed maxilla, when placement of anterior implants is not possible the concept can be expanded by inserting 2 additional zygomatic implants in a more anterior position (Quad zygoma). Zygomatic implants nowadays are usually immediately loaded with a fixed bridge.

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