Crown Lengthening at our Key West Dental Office

You may have heard about procedures to improve a “gummy” smile because your teeth appear short. Your teeth may be the proper length, but they’re covered with too much gum tissue. To correct this, we perform crown lengthening procedures.

During a dental crown lengthening procedure, excess gum and bone tissue are reshaped to expose more of the natural tooth. This can be done to one tooth, the gum line, or several teeth to expose a natural, broad smile. Dr. Eberle may also recommend this particular surgery to make restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures possible. Perhaps your tooth is decayed, broken below the gum line, or has insufficient tooth structure for a restoration, such as a crown or bridge. If so, this surgery would help to adjust the gum and bone level to expose more of the tooth so it can be restored.

At Keys Dental Specialists, we take pride in helping our patients discover a smile they can radiate with confidence with. Our dedicated staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about upcoming procedures or treatments that will improve your oral health and restore it back to prime condition!

To learn more, contact us today to schedule a consultation at Keys Dental Specialists in Key West, FL.

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