Dental Cleaning At Our Key West Office

At Keys Dental Specialists, we believe that having a professional dental cleaning twice a year is essential for keeping your smile healthy and bright. Our experienced team employs the latest technology to eliminate built-up plaque and tartar, while also polishing enamel surfaces during every appointment. This comprehensive service allows our team to spot any dental issues early on so they can be treated promptly – ensuring optimal oral health and good hygiene going forward. By accompanying regular home care with bi-annual cleanings at Key West’s leading office of choice, you’ll help ensure consistent long-term results!

What to Expect During Your Dental Cleaning Treatment

Your cleaning treatment starts with the removal of plaque and tartar on your teeth, which can be tedious to keep under control through brushing and flossing. To ensure a successful outcome, this task harnesses powerful technology to break down the toughest buildup. Vibrations tackle larger chunks while delicate instruments like curettes and scalers finish up any leftover deposits for an impeccable result. After that is complete, we will polish each tooth’s enamel to bring back its shine before finalizing things with a fluoride treatment if requested.

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