What is a Root Canal and How Can Keys Dental Specialists Help?

Tooth pain is a common issue, but it’s important to realize that the discomfort can be indicative of something more serious, and might even require a root canal. Don’t let anxiety take hold – our team of experienced dentists are here to help you through any dental issues and preserve your tooth function whenever possible. Whether it’s sensitivity or swelling due to decay, we offer root canal therapy as quickly as possible so you can feel at ease again and get back on track with your day-to-day life.

Tooth decay begins to happen when bacteria eat away at the enamel, and you can often tell this is happening when it hurts to bite or chew. This is because the enamel is weakened and there’s less protection between the underlying nerves and the outside world. When the decay becomes advanced, it can affect the deep structures of the tooth, including blood vessels and nerves, causing the patient pain even when you don’t put pressure on it. When detected early, tooth decay can be easily corrected with a simple composite filling or similar restorative technique. When the decay becomes an infection that spreads beyond the outer layers of the enamel and invades the pulp and root, root canal therapy is usually necessary.

At Keys Dental Specialists, we specialize in root canal therapy to treat and prevent tooth infections. Our team of experts use the latest technologies to ensure that your procedure is as comfortable as possible while effectively eliminating bacteria from the internal structures of your teeth. In addition, this treatment helps improve both functionality and comfort by relieving any discomfort caused by an infected nerve or long-term sensitivity. If you’re experiencing severe pain or lasting sensitivity, our compassionate dentists, Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Eberle,  can recommend further steps for ensuring optimal oral health at our Key West location! Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you are experiencing pain or believe you may need a root canal.


Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Lingering Pain

Serious pain when you eat or put pressure on an area can be a sign of infection. Additionally, if the area still hurts after the pressure subsides (or even without pressure), you should see your dentist.

Hot or Cold Sensitivity

If it’s extremely uncomfortable or even painful when you eat hot or cold foods, it can be a sign that decay has begun to expose the underlying nerves. This is especially true if the pain or sensitivity lingers even after you’re done eating.

Swelling in the Gums

Gums that are swollen or have small bumps around the area where you experience pain can indicate that you’ll need to see your dentist to discuss whether you need a root canal.

Darkening of the Tooth

A change in color, especially darkening, is a sign that the tooth may be infected. If the tooth appears gray against the surrounding teeth, it can mean that the underlying structures have begun decaying.

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